While 98% of Subaru Outback models sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today, every car needs maintenance and service eventually. Your dashboard lights are a helpful reminder that you need to schedule service. So, to help drivers in Ithaca decipher your dashboard, Maguire Subaru put this guide together for the Subaru Outback dashboard lights.

Caution Lights

Yellow lights are there to alert you of a malfunction. While none of these are urgent, you should proceed with caution and schedule service as soon as possible to prevent them from turning into bigger issues. Some of the yellow caution lights you should know include:

  • Check Engine - While its formal name is the Malfunction Indicator, almost every driver knows this light as the Check Engine light. That's because it says Check Engine on your instrument cluster or, on some alternate configurations, shows a picture of your engine. A few things can activate this light, but usually it's a sign that there's a problem with your emissions control system.
  • Tire Pressure Warning - Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, monitors the air pressure in all four tires, plus your spare. If any of them are low on air, you'll see a light that looks like a tire with an exclamation mark in the center of it.
  • ABS Warning - If there's ever a problem with your anti-lock brake system, you'll see the letters ABS appear on your dashboard. While you'll still be able to safely stop and slow down, you should have a technician look at these as soon as possible.

Warning Lights: Immediate Attention

When a red light appears on your dashboard, you should take care of it immediately. With many of the red warning lights, it's not safe to continue driving. A few of the red lights you should watch for are:

  • Charge Warning - This light looks like your car battery and means there's either a problem with your charging system, a malfunction with your alternator, or you need a new battery. Rather than pulling over, drive straight to the service center. If you turn the engine off it may not be able to start again. 
  • Oil Pressure Warning - If you're overdue for an oil change, you may eventually see a red light that looks like an old oil can. Stop the car and either add oil or call for a tow truck. Continuing to drive without enough oil can damage your engine.
  • Brake System - When you start the car, you'll usually see the word BRAKE, then watch it disappear after you disengage the parking brake. If it stays lit when the parking brake is not on, there's a problem with your brake system. It is not safe to drive with faulty brakes, so call for a tow truck.

Schedule Subaru Service

Drivers in Ithaca should schedule service with Maguire Subaru if you notice any of these lights on in your vehicle. We have an experienced team of technicians in our service center who can get you back on the road in no time. To learn more about the Subaru Outback dashboard lights, contact us or visit our service center. 

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