The dashboard of your SUV is loaded with information. Each light and icon represents something different. While there are lights that let you know when a system or feature has been activated, what you really need to look out for are indicator and warning lights. So, how do you know what these look like and what they mean?

Maguire Subaru can translate those for you. We decided to review the Subaru Ascent dashboard lights to help drivers in Ithaca figure out what your SUV is trying to tell you.

Yellow Indicator Lights

Yellow lights mean there's been a malfunction with one of the systems or parts. They're usually not urgent matters, and you can continue driving. However, you should get them looked at as soon as possible to avoid having larger or more serious issues later on. Some yellow indicator lights you should know include:

  • Check Engine - When there's a problem under the hood, especially with the emissions control system, you'll see the words CHECK ENGINE clearly displayed on your instrument cluster
  • ABS - The letters ABS may appear on their own or inside a circle. With either setup, it means that there's a problem with your anti-lock braking system. While you can still slow down and stop safely using your main brakes, you should get these serviced immediately.
  • Power Steering System - If you ever feel some resistance while you're turning the wheel, you'll probably also notice a light that looks like a steering wheel next to an exclamation mark.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System - The TPMS monitors the tire pressure all four wheels and your spare tire. If any of them are low on air, you'll see a light that looks like one of your tires.

Red Warning Lights

Red lights are a more serious matter. Most of the time the best thing you can do is pull over and call for a tow truck. While they're all urgent and should be dealt with right away, a few of the major ones to look out for are:

  • Oil Pressure Warning - An oil change is one of the most basic and important parts of routine maintenance. If you're overdue for one, you'll eventually see a red light that looks like an old-fashioned oil can. Continuing to drive with old or not enough oil can damage your engine.
  • Charge Warning Light - This light is one of the few red lights where you shouldn't stop the car. It looks like a car battery and means that there's either a problem with the charging system, the alternator, or the battery needs to be replaced. Drive straight to the service center because you may not be able to start the car again if you turn it off first.
  • Brake System Warning Light - If there's a problem with your main brake system, you'll either see an exclamation mark inside a circle or the word BRAKE. It's not safe to drive with faulty brakes, so pull over as soon as you can and call for a tow truck.
  • Cooling System - When your engine is low on coolant and starts overheating, it'll let you know by turning on a light that looks like an old-fashioned thermometer. Turn the car off and let the engine cool down before adding more coolant.

Subaru Service Center

Schedule service with us if you ever notice any of these lights on in your SUV. We have a team of highly trained technicians who can help drivers in Ithaca keep their vehicles in great shape. To learn more about the Subaru Ascent dashboard lights, contact us or visit Maguire Subaru.

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